The one who is Kali is Also Krishna – 3 (Ardhanarishvara)

The one who is Kali is Also Krishna – 3 (Ardhanarishvara)

Few months before my father passed away, he asked me to paint something based on the words of Sri Ramakrishna, the one who is Kali is also Krishna (Gauranga)…
I wanted to paint a series of three paintings based on these words and finished the first two a few years ago… and now for the final one in the series… Ardhanarishvara… it is generally depicted by Shiva and Parvati… but my dad asked me to paint it with Krishna and Kali… it took me a while to see it in my head, before I could paint it..
“The one who is Kali is Also Krishna – 3”
I would like to thank Sudesh Singh for his help… I had a vision and he captured it with his photography, which I could then transform into this painting.

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I refer to my paintings as creations from stillness. I have found the best thing I can do as an artist is to get out of the way and let life paint what it wants to paint. I get inspiration about what each painting will be, and then, bit by bit, the general sense of it fills in, but that all comes from stillness, too.

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