The moment I saw this painting, I was in love. The vibrant colors, the brushstrokes, the movement, and the mood are captured beautifully. However, the most striking characteristic of Radhika is her innocence, her expression of silent joy and just being in the moment; carrying water just for the joy of it. I finally had the opportunity to bring Radhika home this past fall and had the painting framed and hung. She has brought her joy and innocence to our dwelling, along with what I cherish the most – my dearest friend, Shweta’s presence in the painting. Both the artist and her subject are constant reminders to me to live and love in the moment. Krishna, who lives in our home, is overjoyed. At last..
— Kavitha, 1/30/12


Formless Forming

Every painter dips her brush in her won soul and paints her nature!! This picture tells me a lot about the clarity of thought that Shweta has in her mind. So who sees the God’s face correctly? The photographer, the mirror or the painter? I suppose Shweta does!!Great work Shweta. So proud of you. It has brought a spectacular mix to my guest room where it stands steady!!

— Anir, 1/27/12



Reverence - A Step Back
Reverence – A Step Back
Beautiful painting… Besides the great use of color and the skill of the artistry, I love the depth of the symbolism. It truly captures the reverence of the young girl for the divine. But, even deeper, the woman on the side reminds me, how we are all also supported by our loved ones in our lives and our efforts… Thanks for the beauty of it.
— Jeff, 1/27/12


Heart Hands


“Shweta created this lovely, poignant piece of beauty as a gift for me. This sketch holds deep meaning – of giving from the heart. For me, it represents the crux of devotion, where everything is an offering to the Beloved. This masterpiece hangs where I can see it daily and be reminded of my wonderful friend Shweta. And of my life path.”

— Kavitha, 1/30/12




  •  theses creations do indeed speak from stillness. thank you for sharing
    — Helena Openshaw, 9/21/11
  • Ms. Mitra, I truly admire your work, and especially the mindfulness that you convey in your writing and artwork.
    — Margaret, 5/10/11
  • You are quite the artist
    — Jack, 5/3/11
  • Best Wishes, your paintings are really awesome!
    — Senthil Kumar, 4/10/11
  • Congrats on the art website. Love all your paintings. Good luck to you in all you do.
    — Sumana Shetty, 4/5/11




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