acrylic on canvas
16 x 20

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I refer to my paintings as creations from stillness. I have found the best thing I can do as an artist is to get out of the way and let life paint what it wants to paint. I get inspiration about what each painting will be, and then, bit by bit, the general sense of it fills in, but that all comes from stillness, too.

5 Comments on “Radiance

  1. 🙂

    Or maybe:
    Chanda Hai Tu – Aradhana

    Or my favorite:
    Bada Natkhat Hai – Amar Prem

    aa tohe main gale se lagaa luun
    laage na kisi ki nazar man mein chhupaa luun

    mere jivan ka tu ek hi sapna
    jo koi dekhe tohe samjhe voh apna
    sab ka hai pyaara
    ho sab ka hai pyaara ba.nsi-bajaiyya
    ka kare yashoda maiyya haan

    Come, I’ll take you into my arms.
    No one’s evil eye will fall on you; I’ll hide you in my heart.

    You are my life’s only dream.
    Whoever beholds you considers you beloved.
    You’re everyone’s darling,
    you’re everyone’s darling, player of the flute [i.e., Krishna].
    What will Yashoda-Ma do with you?

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