Mahasweta Mitra:
20160903_182104Mahasweta is originally from Mumbai, India and she has enjoyed living in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley since 1993. Professionally, she is a programmer analyst and has worked for Xperia Solutions since 1996. That same year, she became a Reiki master. In the early 2000s, her spiritual path began in earnest. She became deeply involved with meditation and yoga in 2005, and began teaching meditation locally in 2007.

Then, in 2010, wanting to share the benefits of her practices and their results, Mahasweta became the co-founder of the Living Unbound approach to human wholeness.

The same year she felt inspired to begin painting. Because her art is expressed from the inner stillness resulting from her practices, she refers to her artistic endeavors as “Creations from Stillness”.

As Mahasweta says:
“I can’t really say I create the paintings, because any time my mind is actively deciding what to do, the paints and colors just don’t flow. However, when I stop, I become silent, I ask the divine/stillness to paint. Then, the colors, the shades, the paint, the brush strokes, it all just flows.”

She began leading meditation retreats in 2010 as well. Over time, she has led retreats in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan and Kripalu center in Massachusetts, attended by people from as far away as Norway, South Africa and Canada.

In recent years, she has become a personal and spiritual mentor for people in various countries around the world, ranging from Australia to Europe, the Middle East, India, China and the United States.

Mahasweta has been volunteering at the Lehigh Valley Community Correction center, teaching computer literacy skills to the inmates there, via the Indian-American Association of Lehigh Valley since 2012.

She loves gardening, both growing flowers around her home as an artistic expression of beauty and life, and growing her own organic vegetables and herbs. She enjoys cooking, preparing Indian cuisine using those organic ingredients from her garden.

Finally, Mahasweta loves music of various kinds, both traditional and modern. She has performed traditional Indian music on sitar, with the Hindustani Music Academy. She dances and choreographs for her local Bollywood-fusion dance group, and is known to be a classic rock fan, as well.

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